About Us

vitorr.com, a user driven content platform. We are building our content creation platform with a sophisticated keyword driven search engine and social media features.

Story of my start up and my team are very common story of an aspiring India. We came from very humble background from sleepy town of Bengal, with no real amenities. The only thing that worked in our favor was a dream to succeed, ability to work hard and risk everything for our goal. Making it to good college was not a choice but rather necessity to come out of the failure of a sleepy town. We did that, made to India’s premier tech colleges, NITs. That gave us a window to look into the tech world and its ever changing landscape. India was contributing to world tech story in big way but we still have miles to go before we even aspire to stand with the technology giants of the world.

What we have as a country is a talent pool and a growing open market. We are as a country will drive the world market. With fastest growing internet base, we have the largest audience to cater. This new audience wants to tell their stories in their own language. We have still 900 million new users to tap into and this opportunity is what we are aiming at. Our platform, vitorr.com, will cater to this new confident India. But we will be different. We will not be taking a top down approach of metro city to small towns. Rather we will have a wider base of small towns and villages, and grow bottom to top. The largest user base will dominate the content scenario with its own language. We will be giving reasons to the sleepy towns of India to run faster and stand together with the big daddy of large cities.

Vitorr.com will be driven by people for the people.