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Deepak Sharma- A theater artist, a film-maker and Explorer

Deepak Sharma, an engineer turn filmmaker, theater practitioner and a humanist.  Coming from a background in engineering, Deepak ventured into theater in 2009 in Bangalore. He actively engrossed himself with the improvisational theater group yourstruly theater in Bangalore and fell in love with the medium. The theater bug has bitten him since then. Deepak, with his inquisitive mind and tenacity, has since been exploring avenues to express his stories through documentaries, short films and improvisational theater.


Deepak's first venture into documentary was on the life of beggars of the street. He researched extensively for his first documentary and it was the beginning of his many real life endeavors. 

Deepak continued with his improvisational theater journey in Bangalore, performing across the city in non-conventional venues of colleges,NGOs, hospitals and also in leading theatrical venues of  Bangalore. His journey as Playback theater practitioner, gave him an opportunity to understand the human psychology, real human stories beyond the literature's realm. You can see the effects and learning of his theater practices in his work. It is very evident in the work he has done. He focuses in bringing out the stories behind the human faces is extraordinary. He has picked subjects which has mostly been ordinary but he has able to show the extraordinary stories behind those ordinary mundane routines of life.


Even after delving into the world of arts he has remained a student of science. His curiosity to explore science through the medium of art can vividly be seen in his acclaimed short film 'Clock Anti Clock'. The movie treats time as a fourth dimension and explore the possibility of time travel. The complexity of sequence of events if one could travel in time zones, how the world could be changed, effected with this mere crossing of time passage, both forward and backward. if you watch the movie you can realize how well he has been able to capture the emotion, complexity and adventure of time travel withing 7 minutes.


Deepak is currently working on an another beautiful subject with blind children. It started with his desire to teach improvisational theater to blind children in Delhi. He decided to capture this entire journey with his camera, this was the beginning of a beautiful journey. As he kept capturing the life of these children and journey of their creativity coming to the fore. He started as being a teacher to these kids but ended up being  a student of flourishing creativity of these specially gifted children. He was amazed how creatively these kids could express themselves, their way of looking at the world differently, their world of imagination. This was a revelation of sort for Deepak as well. Deepak with all his good intention still had some old belief about blind kids but witnessing their journey through the medium of theater gave him the opportunity and access to a world which he could not have imagined before.


With all his hard work and dedication, Deepak is still in the process of completing the post production of the documentary. He is putting all his effort to bring in the resources to complete this meticulously captured journey of wonderful kids.  I am wishing Deepak best of luck in his effort. I also promise the readers of vitorr to bring a hearty conversation with Deepak in coming weeks, a glimpse into his process and thinking. Till then lets all wish him luck.

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Date: 15-01-2018

By:  Ankesh Saha

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