Black is Beautiful

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“Black is Beautiful” a documentary on Improvisation Theater with Blind Kids!

Black is Beautiful is a documentary directed by Deepak Sharma. This is about 11 blind kids and their initiation into beautiful world of improvisational theater and their journey into the play. This is a labor of love by Deepak. Deepak is a man of conviction. He takes up humane project and put all his soul into the work. Black is Beautiful is finest example of Deepak’s conviction and determination. Deepak took these 11 wonderful kids who are either complete or partial blind, he trained them over months. He recorded this journey of the kids and their evolution as actors in his documentary.  They effort of all these months, hard work and trust the kids put in Deepak has turned out to be wonderful. You can experience the love that has been put into this work from the trailer itself.

My association with Deepak goes back to year 2010 when I restarted my theater journey at yours truly theater. Deepak was my senior their and one of the most thinking actors. I use to admire his honesty in his work and his empathy towards society. You can sense the hard work he has put in, if you consider, he had a regular job in Bangalore, he use to do theater over the weekend and also make movies. Deepka has also made documentary of beggars and the mafia behind it. He had to face threats but he still continued making the documentary made voice heard. Deepak has also written and directed a time space sci-fi movie.

I would request everyone to watch the trailer and wait for the entire movie to come out. Help spread the word. 

24th May 2018

Ankesh Saha