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Bookstores need to do justice to Indian language literature!

Visit any bookstore in prominent hangout places or a large footfall location, you will find a bookstore tucked in the remotest corner. Almost non visible and isolated. For a generation which have a very short concentration span, reading a full length book is a difficult ask. In these trying situation, how do one attract new book readers. Our generation has a responsibility to pass on the reading habit to millennial. 

The problem is even more difficult for Indian language literature. If you scan any bookstore in these popular hangouts, Indian language section is either non-existent or negligible in numbers compared to books in English. Something needs to be done to promote Indian literature in Indian language. A translation in English or stories written in English will not bring out the same Indian flavour which can be achieved in Indian language. May be government need to step in to subsidise bookstore if they put a considerable number of books in Indian language. We need to make these books available in cafes or trendy bookshops. We need to make it exciting for younger generation to read books and especially in Indian language. 

04th May 2018

Ankesh Saha