Extreme Poverty

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Poverty demographic change around the world!

India was till recently home to largest population of poor living under extreme poverty. That has changed and Nigeria has taken over India and Congo can now soon be in second position.

India is taking out 48 people from extreme poverty each minute, on the other hand 6 people are falling into extreme poverty every 6 minute in Nigeria. Read more on it here. As per data 2017 was the best year in human history. Inclusive prosperity around the world has been better than it ever was. On the other hand difference between rich and poor is also increasing. 

World need to find ways to distribute wealth and take out many more millions of people out of poverty. Dismal performance of African countries are real worry. African leadership needs to pull its shocks and work for a more peaceful and prosperous Africa. The great people of Africa need a better and wealthy life beyond civil wars and extreme poverty. 

29th June 2018

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