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Fashion torture of Narrow. Skinny fit Pants!

India is a hot country. Humidity, sweating and sultriness add to the woes in summer. In these times a comfortable clothing is a well required relief. Fashion has never associated itself to comfort. Fashion is outrageous and it is fine if it remain confined to select few who can afford a luxurious life. A fashion which disregards comfort, invariably turns into tortuous experience.

One such fashion gone rogue is narrow pants for men. It sticks to your leg and in sweltering heat, the experience is most uncomfortable. Worst part is you can’t avoid this trend. Whether you are looking for jeans or cotton trousers, it now only comes in skinny fit. I have been wearing ready made brands clothes for years now, but recently to find a regular size pant which is not skinny fit is like treasure hunt. Few days back, I looked around entire mall and could not find good old regular fitting pants which does stick to my skin.

It was such a frustrating experience and after all these years, I finally went to a Raymond shop and got few pants stitched after years.  I am all for fashion and trends but one fit for all is not at all wise. Especially when fashion and trend show complete disregard to weather and geography of a place. I hope better sense prevails in the industry and they get back to designing clothes of all types and sizes.

30th June 2018

Ankesh Saha