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Can we stop eating junk food ?

Both fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods activate the reward system in the brain, albeit via different signalling pathways. When carbohydrates and fats come together in the food, this effect is intensified. In nature, there are no foods that contain a high proportion of fats and carbohydrates: Either they are rich in fats, as in nuts, or rich in carbohydrates, as in the case of potatoes or cereals. An exception is breast milk.

"Probably we are influenced by breast milk to respond intensively to food rich in carbohydrates and fats and perceive this as particularly rewarding, because this is vital," said Marc Tittgemeyer from the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research in Germany.

The scientists wanted to know if people show preferences for foods of different calorie sources. To answer this question, 40 volunteers played a computer for food. The offered foods were high in fat, carbohydrates or both. To earn it, the subjects had to outbid the computer and thereby the willingness to pay was examined.

Most of the money was offered for the high-fat and high-carbohydrate food indicating that it was apparently the most attractive to the participants of the study. While playing, the researchers recorded the subjects' brain activity in a magnetic resonance tomography. The measurements showed that a combination of fats and carbohydrates activates the brain areas of the reward system more intensively than the other foods on offer.

This finding is consistent with the results of the game. A reward that has contributed to human survival in evolution is destroying us in today's world of abundance. "We are not meant to say no all the time. That's why we usually do not stop eating, even though we're full," said Tittgemeyer.

Obviously, the reward signals overshadow satiety - over-saturation and obesity are the consequences. In addition, the estimation of the nutritional value of high-fat and carbohydrate-rich food is difficult: asking the participants of the study to estimate the calorie content of the presented food, they succeeded in the high-fat or carbohydrate food relatively accurately.

In contrast, they were often wrong by foods high in fats and carbohydrates. However, those kinds of foods do not automatically produce more calories. The findings could play an important role in the treatment of overweight people. Especially when eating becomes an addictive factor, the treatment of consumer behaviour is of great importance and a fundamental step out of addiction. 


04th July 2018

Puja Rathore


Acute Diarrhoeal Disease(ADD) and its impact on Indian's health!

Acute diarrhoeal disease(ADD) is the most common cause of cause of infectious disease outbreak in India and other developing country. Most affected are children from ADD. As per data from union health ministry, till 3rd of December 2017 total 1649 disease outbreak had been reported,  among these 312 were of ADD and 242 of food poisoning.

A good clean surrounding can help fight ADD and food poisoning related outbreaks. If GOI is successful in implementing swach bharat and sauchalay creation, then these two major disease outbreak can be controlled. Everyone should come forward in fighting disease outbreaks like ADD.

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17th June 2018

Vitorr Science & Art