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Sanjeev Sanyal & Swami Mitrananda, talks about India's untaught history and its exclusion!

It is a fact that our history text books have been designed in a manner to undermine India diverse history. Our text book are still written in a way that reflect colonial narrative. Our text books have deliberately been designed to suit a political narrative which does not do justice to our culture and existence. It is important for nation to know its past, learn from it and gain confidence for future. But sadly most of history shows us a defeatists. It ignore our valour and contirbution to world at large. In this talk Sanjeev Sanyal discusses why our history text books are in state that it is today and how can we solve this problem. Possible impact that might have to our future as a nation.

Do listen to this scholarly talk between Sanjeev Sanyal and Swami Mitrananda.

16th September 2018

Ankesh Saha