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Winking Gandhi Sinks Opposition!

Congress is a desperate family political party. It would be farce to call them a national or even a political party, it now only serves a family and a family only. It is not that they lack political minds or acumen but rather their ecosystem build on ruler-ruled mentality will never allow anyone other than family to lead the party. Family is hell bent on occupying India’s highest power and consider it their birth right to ‘RULE’ the garib janta. Mai-Baap wants to enjoy their democratic self-anointed kingdom hood. But the family had forgotten that India has moved on and the garib janta can now see the fallacy of the dimwit who is being thrust on them to serve a family purpose. This entire “No Confidence Motion” (NCP) against current NDA government which has full majority was another act of arrogance of the family but they could not have expected to be humiliated in the debate.

TDP after distancing itself from NDA for special status for Andhra Pradesh, was trying to put a case in front of parliament. They had to save their political failure in AP and lack of work by Chandrababu lead government. They choose easiest way out of the AP issue by putting the blame on central government for not providing special status to AP. But TDP made a cardinal sin in siding with congress. They tried for no confidence motion in previous session but it didn’t work. But in monsoon session of parliament, they again moved the motion and it was promptly accepted by speaker. This turn out to be a master stroke by NDA as opposition was not prepared for it, they were hoping to create a ruckus in parliament and not let it function. By accepting the motion NDA gained upper hand and that too at the very beginning of the session. Opposition could not back out from it and they have to do a face saver. Even though leaders like Mamta Banerjee advising against it, TDP and congress was hell bent on NCP motion. 

As the proceeding begin, it was a forgone conclusion from the beginning that NDA will defeat the motion. It was now all about who will make the most out of the debates. Jagdeep Galla of TDP made a passionate case for AP special status and thus begin the debate. As the proceeding and debate moved on, opposition looked ill prepared in their attack to government but the treasury bench were prepared with their facts. BJP and allies dished out government achievement and facts. Rajnath Singh ji made a statesman like speech, answering all he question and schooling some of the opposition motor mouth. His lesson on democracy to Kharge ji of congress who had claimed that congress “ALLOWED” democracy to flourish in India. Kharge Ji’s claim reeked of condescension, he was schooled of India’s history in democracy going back to 12 BC. Rajnath Singh ji then schooled, Tharoor ji, accuse in his wife’s death/ suicide, on Hinduism and he was taken to cleaners for insulting Hindus by coining Hindu Talban.

Outside of the parliament media ecosystem which has flourished under congress patronize was waiting for their prince to rise and ‘Cease the Day’ for the fascist liberal ecosystem. Ecosystem itself looked jaded in last few months in singing praise of an evolving, 50 year young prince charming of a leader. Fascist liberal ecosystem wants their heydays back where they can abuse poor Indians, especially Hindus, with impunity. It is another matter that they still continues to abuse everything about Hindus and Hinduism, under the protective umbrella of ecosystem judges and judiciary. By now TDP’s appeal for special status was now hijacked by congress, ecosystem made sure it is going to be all about the young prince of theirs. When the prince charming rose to speak, ecosystem rolled loud drums beats, alas, savior of fascist liberal ecosystem was here.  But as the saying goes, no matter how good the script is, a bad actor can always shit on it. That is what happened, prince dissed out one lie after another, did hysterical movements, forgot his scripted lines but at the end he called himself “Pappu”. Ecosystem orgasmic reaction was hilarious to see. Men and women of the ecosystem both lined up to marvel at the strength of their savior. Tweets after tweets declaring famed moral victory were posted, finally their leader has ARRIVED, oops EVOLVED. But then after “Hugging” or rather forcing himself on the PM’s chest, prince charming put down his warrior shield and winked at one of his dynast. The world laughed at the childishness of the young, ever evolving 50 year old prince but the ecosystem was still ecstatic at the prowess of their leader. Even though country’s defense mister tore into the prince charming for lies and an unprecedented rebuttal from another sovereign country puncturing the lies of the prince on the floor of the house, could not deter the spirit of fascist liberal journalists. Rahul ji had arrived once again.

Beyond the kinky glass wall of the ecosystem, garib janta had their dose of laughter. Prince charming had delivered what was expected of him, a comedy show in the parliament. But even poor janta didn’t expect prince charming to be so good, that he will attract a foreign country rebuttal was beyond wildest imagination. Prince had exceeded all his previous benchmark.

After the comedy show, janta, was waiting to hear from their Pradhan sevak and leader. Many speeches were made post prince’s comedy show, most speeches were factual and political in nature. But most notably was from Didi’s, sometime loyal sometime confused neta, Trivedi ji. Trivedi ji talked about economy which was hilarious considering syndicate economic development that Bengal is undergoing under the leadership of maverick Didi.

Modi is master of political communication. Beyond his government track record, he will be remembered for his innovative political reach out and communication to his audience. He started his speech at the ‘Prime Time’ slot. It was the best time to speak, everyone would be glued to their television set at prime time to hear PM tore into the opposition. Modi’s 2 hour speech was brutal. He attacked congress and its culture of patronage. He listed one by one the betrayal by the family to congress leaders who had ambition. He started from Neta ji and went up to Pranab babu. He reminded congress on the floor of the house, how they have humiliated political leaders and Indian heroes for sake of family’s sycophancy. Never before Modi, had anyone dared to tear into the family’s treachery history. He tore apart the prince audacity to mock of India’s arm forces, he schooled the prince charming on conduct in parliament and he warned his allies like Shiv Sen against trusting congress. Modi ji answered TDP’s allegation and factually answered the previous ally of how central government is helping the cause of AP, in doing show he also exposed Naidu ji’s government failure. Modi answered the political opposition with facts on economy and job creation. Modi roared in parliament and it was a delight to see the faces of congress, leaders and sycophants.

Disappointment was palpable on opposition face, some of them even wanted to stage a walk out. They had blundered by moving NCP motion. It exposed the mahagatbandhan formation’s strength and taken away any ground they had gained in last few months. It showed India, what a bunch of directionless leader they have in opposition and danger of Khichdi politics. NCP motion was supposed to be opposition’s trump card but it ended up giving Modi ji best platform to launch his campaign of 2019 general elections.

21st July 2018

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