Parliament surrounded by fool

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Parliament surrounded by fool

Whole country is facing issues on terrorism and Congress is creating fuss of lalit modi. He made money for himself and enjoying. If he is enjoying all over Europe let him do,why you people are wasting more money of ours.It really feel ashamed that we are ruled by such MPs who do not have decency to talk and fight properly. Sometime I really fear that what will happen if Rahul Gandhi become pm.I do not understand on what basis politician thinks. Why to do so much corruption if you cannot enjoy(tumhare paise tumhare bache dusro pe uda rahe hai). Rahul Gandhi just do not know what to talk and utter rubbish. I have a suggestion,if you are doing corruption or you have done it,leave your position and let the youth and honest people come forward and do their job. A guy enjoying like you want to do though you have same amount of money as him.Don't do it,go have fun,we do not bother about you people but let others do their job

25th April 2018

shammi saha