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I was eager to watch Parmanu, only because of the event it is based on. Also, my faith in John Abrahm and his choice of movie subject, especially after watching Madras Café, gave me a belief to watch this movie. The reviews were not so encouraging and to be honest I don’t expect much from Indian critics because of pre-conceived notion with which they review movies. I watched John’s few promotional interviews and he was very categorical in saying that, this is not as intelligent a movie as Madras Café. He said he has simplified the movie to reach a larger audience. He wanted to reach lowest denominator and at the same time make it good watch for an audience who are exposed to world cinema. I went to watch the movie and honestly it turned out to be much better than I expected. I did expect some over the top dialogues but surprisingly the movie has only 2-3 such cheesy stuffs. Only thing I would have liked more in the movie, more substance to Diana Panty’s character. But for the love of the subject and probably one of the most important event in India’s history post-independence, one should go and watch the movie. You will feel proud of our scientists, engineers and leadership. It shows India’s brain and brawn power. How we did the nuclear test by fooling Americans. In what circumstances we achieved what we did. You will feel proud of India after the movie.

Kudos to Abhishek Sharma for direction and John to backing such movies. My thumbs up for the movie.

27th May 2018

Ankesh Saha