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Raazi Movie: My experience and thoughts on the movie!

Raazi is story of patriotism, espionage, war and sacrifice. It is story of country above all else. Raazi portrays the love and its loyalty of an Indian family to her country are above everything. Raazi has a special poetic feeling to its narrative devoid of loud drama that characterizes espionage movies. Directory Meghna Gulzar tells her story through its main characters with sense of joy, melancholy and anguish. It won’t be a bad compliment to her if I say, she has inherited the poetic maturity of her father gulzar sahab and deftly uses it in her story telling.

The story revolves around a Kashmiri father and his daughter, Alia Bhat. How Alia Bhat follows foot step of his father and risk everything in her life for her Motherland India. It is her story and how she evolves from a 20 year old college kid to one of the most important 1971 war hero. It is her humane journey into the war, patriotism and her personal love. It is also the story of an intelligence operative team and their professional team work.The Kashmiri family defends his country and its freedom offering unequal sacrifices, and continues the tradition of serving his country of forefathers who gave their lives for the freedom of motherland.

The movie in its course stay away from stereotype and dismantle age held tactics of India- Pakistan war movie. Even though it is Indian success story but it does not portray the Pakistani side in inhumane manner, it never takes a side rather it tells how everything is for the country above all else. One of the poignant scene is between Iqbal Sayed and his father when Alia’s cover is blown and how Iqbal being a Pakistan officer stops his father from degrading his wife, an Indian agent. One more stereotype that this movie has dismantled and thrown out completely from the narrative, at no point any Muslilm officer of India has to do outrageous speech to prove his patriotism. Muslim officers are brutal in their professionalism and never once their dedication is being questioned by the system based on religion, remember Sarforash and the scene with Officer Salim. How he was wronged by the system and how he had to put extra effort to prove his patriotism, no such outburst or thumping of patriotism is shown in this movie. The head of the IB team in this mission does his job like everyone else and leads the team to its conclusion with brute honesty and professionalism.

Lastly, the cast of the film. Every member of the team from lead characters to the smallest cog in the movie have done their job with aplomb. Veterans like Rajit Kapoor and Jaideep Ahalwat, Shishir Sharma, Alia Bhat or Vicky Kaushal, even the actor who plays the role of Pakistani IB officer who goes about blowing lead of Indian IB team and captures agents without any dialogue, did  an sincere and compelling performance.

A huge thanks should also go the producers to back such nuance film. This film will have a long life in Indian cinema and it is movies like these that enriching the Indian cinema.

Go and watch the movie. It is not be missed!

15th May 2018

Ankesh Saha