Que. Two persons ordered tea in a restaurant and waited for a friend to arrive. One of the

Que. Two persons ordered tea in a restaurant and waited for a friend to arrive. One of them poured tea in his cup and mixed cold milk in it and the other poured his tea and mixed the milk after the friend arrive. Whose cup of tea was hotter? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans. From Newton’s law of cooling, we know that the rate of fall of temperature is directly proportional to the excess of temperature of the body over the surrounding. Thus when cold milk is added to the tea, the temperature difference of this tea over the surrounding is reduced and thus cools at a slower rate. But other cup of tea being at a higher temperature cools down earlier.
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05th February 2019



SALT Chennai: Taste Of Heaven

I am not a foodie! 

Food is a daily need and routine for me. I have boring eating habits and I eat same food all the time. If anyone want to try out a new kind of food, I would be  the last person interested to be a part of the experiment. 

My taste buds are attune to Indian food and being a vegetarian (occasional egg eater :P ) even my Indian food choices are limited for a restaurant. 

BUT, being consistent with my food, I have eaten the same dishes in umpteen number of restaurant in multiple cities. If something tastes good, it remains with me. I can tell you the best navratan korma, mushroom garlic and butter nans are made in a vegetarian restaurant of Jamshedpur, Anand. Small but famous eating joint in Bistupur, Jamshedpur. Next time if you are in Jamshedpur don't miss that.

I am in Chennai for last 6 months and as it happens, I was missing my North Indian food in the city and was eager to find a place to eat. After some searching, I found out, Salt, in Vijaya forum mall. It won't be an exaggeration to call this place a confluence of heavenly food. I have tried all the dishes on their menu and not even once I have been disappointed. I had only heard of proverbs of food being a heavenly experience. This place let you taste heaven. Each bite, melts in your mouth, the taste takes over your mood, you feel an ecstasy. It is an high that you longed for. Try out any dish in the menu and you will not be disappointed. 

Apart from the food, each member of the restaurant is amazing. Service is smooth and seamless. Each minute arrangement is taking care of with utmost sincerity.

I won't talk about the price. That taste is priceless.

Please go and treat yourself with a taste of heaven.

09th March 2018

Ankesh Saha