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Rohingya Musilm crisis and Indian Liberal’s deliberate denial of security threat!

Migration around the world has become a very sensitive topic, more so if it concern the Muslim migrant. Europe has faced an onslaught of Musilm migrant from middle- east, these warn affected musilm migrant are looking for a better life in other countries. But the cultural difference is creating a bigger problem for host countries. Often migrants are found in violent activity, brutal rapes by these migrant have been reported across Europe. Apart from the cultural animosity, migration poses a huge security threat, which the host countries experiences in terms of terrorist attack. It is hard and almost impossible to mark out a radicalized extremist from the hordes of migrant arriving at the border, situation becomes even trickier since radicalization among migrant youth through their education system is so rampant. The hate literature against other religion and ethnic group that is being taught to them at very young age, makes it very difficult for them to integrate to new society.

Rohingya crisis is posing that threat to India once again. Rohingya Muslims are now pouring in India from neighbor countries through illegal means. India’s premier security agencies has filed reports on the security threats posed by these migrants, but thanks to Indian liberals and secular politics, it is harder for Indian government to take action against illegal migrants. These migrants are being settled in Jammu, Bengal and Kerala like states, where the state government is providing a tacit support to settle Rohingya Musilm migrants ignoring the security threats. Now, Amnesty report has confirmed massacre of Hindus in Mynamar by Rohingya Musilms. India now has to take tough action against these migrants and need to push them out of the country. We know what a demographic change can do. We have Kashmir situation where Kashmiri pundits where brutally murdered and made to flee. We have Assam, which is struggling with Bangladeshi migrants and permanent damage has been done to the state’s demography. Indian public now need to stand and force government to take action, if not now, Liberals and secular politics will destroy the Indic culture forever. That is why 2019 election is so important for India and BJP to win.

24th May 2018

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