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Cluster Of Small City Can Solve India's Many Problem

Ask any big city inhabitant and he or she will confess to the endless problems being faced each day. Traffic, water management, concrete jungle, shortage of open spaces and a dwindling greenery are the few of the many problems faced by any mega city in India. All of these problems combined together makes a heavy dent into the productivity of a city.

Some of our larger cities and specially metros are now becoming unmanageable. Look at Bangalore as the newest Indian metro city, ask anyone who is living or lived in the city in last decade. A horror story of city mismanagement is part of their lives. Hours are wasted in traffic and sourcing clean water from tankers. Imagine an urban problem and Bangalore is suffering from it, even though it is an IT hub and holds a major strategic role in India's economic might. How do we address this problem.

What alternatives can we come up to resolve this issue, especially in a phase where large population of India is inevitably going to be urbanize. I have recently moved to my very small hometown in the suburbs of Kolkata. This town came into existence because of many jute mills in the periphery of this buzzing town. If one look at the availability of resource in this small town and its livability, it can out rank major cities. It has abundance of water resources, multiple open fields for sports activity, clean air,  many pockets of bazars for a daily shopping, thanks to technology decent bandwidth internet is also available and one of the most important aspect is, very cheap housing. These small town does not have menacing traffic problems as most places can be either accessed by walking or by cycling. What these small towns now lack is high quality healthcare and education institution. If government does a proper planning, identify such small town clusters and let them mushroom, and create accessible quality healthcare and academic institution in between few small towns. We can solve many of our large city problems. Learning from past, these small town can come up around new manufacturing units of even outsourcing service industries. India can once again lower its service cost and complete in the world as these small towns will drastically reduce the wages. A serious brainstorming in this regard may solve few of India's urbanization issues.

04th April 2018

Ankesh Saha