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Cleaning up your social media timeline!

I joined facebook and twitter in 2009. To be honest, I was an obsessive user of both, especially facebook. I was that obsessive user, who use to share anything and everything on my timeline. Constantly making noise on my timeline and engaging on stupid topics. I remain logged in to the sites for most of my day, except for sleeping hours. It is such a waste of time, energy and mental space. It results in lack of concentration, anxiety and an obsessive behavior. I used to engage in meaningless rants and debates. It was a compulsion for me to respond to anyone and everyone. All of this of no-consequence, except for the fact that you start consuming meaningless content, engage in a meaningless argument, which sometimes ruin friendships.

I realized it much late but since I have, I deleted my twitter account and I refrain from posting on facebook time line as well. I did de-activated my FB account for 6 months. I came back on fb just to get few of the contacts that I really needed, but I refrain from posting and commenting. It saves plenty of time and energy, increases your work productivity. I no longer get into argument, it was hard not to respond to what I thought as stupidity. I have started un-following whoever, according to me, indulge in vile, stupidity and political activism. It is perfectly alright to un-follow friends on fb if you think, they are adding to social media stupidity. After all, it is your timeline and you should decide what you want to see or read when you open your social media account. Un-following people greatly reduces timeline noise. As in real life, it is important to choose your friends, what you read and more importantly what you should avoid.

01st July 2018

Ankesh Saha