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Work of India's Renowned Taxidermist Santosh Gaikwad

Santosh Anant Gaikwad, may very well be India's last wildlife Taxidermist. Not many in our country is aware of the term Taxidermy, but Mr Gaikwad featured on National Geographic Magazine published on April 6, 2018. 

Check out some stunning work from Mr. Gaikward:



This Mumbai native became interested in Taxidermy art  form after visiting Prince of Wales museum. Since then he resolved to teach himself tanning, painting, and sculpting techniques, necessary to make an accurate model to be covered by the animal’s treated skin. Some of his works are published only on Vitorr. 

Artist like Mr. Gaikwad need more exposure and support. More his work is seen and understood by people, his art will be more respected. In process he might inspire new generation of Taxidermist in India.

20th June 2018

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Taxidermy: Dying art in India

India's last taxidermist Santosh Gaekwad keeps the art alive. Some of his works exclusively on Vitorr: