That night in Bangalore

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That night in Goa with the most beautiful Girl

This question is from common in Goa and people generally think that girl will come and ask for it as in film but this is not the reality . Some time people fall in trap and some may actually be lucky.

This is my story

I am from bangalore and went to Goa with my old college friends . All were coming from different parts of India, so we were directly meeting in Goa.

I took a flight at 4.30 after my completing my office . I was tired because of the presentation and just wanted to chill . My friends were coming next day. As I was sitting in Bangalore Airport, I saw a girl in black single piece dress and she was gorgeous. My eyes got stuck on her as she was too pretty but I was too tired. Got on my plane and you would not believe that she was sitting in the same as me but there was this aunty between us . I fell sleep seeing no opportunity at all to talk. After landing to Goa, first thing I took a room in X restaurant and it was great. After sleeping for 2 hours, got in the mood and went out to bar but the pool was better. I love sitting at the side of the pool and quite the swimming. I just loved the air in Goa and Just prayed to the be the best days of my life and hurray, the girl came out pool like angel and my eyes got stucked, mind was saying thank you god. Leaving every thing, I just jumped and start swimming and that day I release having a good body is worth it. She just gave a glare and a smile. We were in the pool for next thirty 30 minutes with few eye meeting moments.

After coming out I sat with her on the side and just said this,

Aunty was not able to complete in her mission and she laughed .

We started talking and found that she is also waiting for the friends to come next day. In this talking, two good people and air of Goa, we found the pleasure.

20th January 2019

Rahul Nitin