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Program to prints the lengths of several string literals:

program to prints the lengths of several string literals:



// This program tests the strlen() function:



cout << strlen("Hello, World.\n") << '\n';

cout cc strlen("Hello, World.") << '\n';

cout << strlen("Hello, ") << '\n';

cout << strlen("H") << '\n';

cout << strlen("") << '\n';

return 0;







28th February 2019

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Four years of Btech

Lie and manipulation are the two words of which a today engineer is made of.Rare of the rarest are those who become engineer without this two.I know this is very tough for other to digest as engineers are earning most than any other irrespective of the their profession.Engineers are every where from sports to business,technology to media and are also employed as government employ which is not consider their job.There is another truth also that they are most employed as the number of private colleges increasing day by day.Leave this topic as anyone can banter on this for ever.The hint of lie and manipulation comes from day one when we seat for filling our admission form and initiation is done from our teachers when they say you all will be taken cared by us and then our most beloved seniors who show us way to our hostel.Later we see that that hostel was just for keeping our stuffs and our real hostel was rooms of our senior.We start our journey with lots of energy and motivation to do something new and by the we realise that we have done nothing in our college life,we are in final year awaiting for our job interview.As soon as we go for our first day at college,we are welcome by our seniors in most loving way.We go our classroom and then surprise comes for us.A person very seems to be very deep in thoughts come as our teacher and we also start with curiosity but we wake up from our dream and find that these are appointment of some local leaders and we are facing the consequences.From that we just leave those books and finally we feel that,we are not here for engineering.With our semesters and practical,we get that as much we will manipulate things we will survive and if master in telling lie,we may become one of the best in this college but then also among us,we know who are good students and our best choice to go for help during semester exam.Now our dream was shattered so that it was time to face our fear which we have heard a lot and that is ragging.First call we start fearing, what will happen but seriously it was more fun then attending classes and those were the moments to remember.We started learning new things and got some great information regarding what is happening and now we are out of books and jumping in the world of internet and laptop.Internet come with a service Facebook and laptops are connected to lan. Movies,series,videos and some other videos become our day to day life.One thing I forgot to mention the hostel which were allotted to us were like heaven for us at that time.We just wanted to come to our room and away from seniors hostel though we were learning this things(readers will know the answer of this question).This life of fun but as end come and it stops we start missing those days and we go to our senior hostel by without call.Second year starts and now we awaiting for juniors and now was the time for just see everything we got on our lan. Few make girlfrind,some boring people read more and more of their course and do other activities which contributes to 90% of our population.Other activities are very drastic to share.There are few who just think that they are more civilized due to which start speaking English or their tone speaking Hindi changes,I have one advice for them-please do not behave like this as every people abuse you man.Third year comes and go in flash with just increasing sorting our other activities to three things drinking,seeing movies and series and spending our time here and there.The final year come and we start choosing our career and most of us are not happy about we are doing.One more thing,projects in our last,it is most astonishing thing I came across.Till now no one was giving a shit of what we are doing and certainly we were order to visit our professor who was just their to humiliate us &nbsp;but with three or experience,we had ample qualities to face and show them a manipulated project report.The days comes and we leave our lovely college with wet eyes.

25th April 2018

shammi saha