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Delhi Escorts: Not Only Looks, It’s About How I ‘Play’

Hello Guys, I am a 21-year-old girl, Shreya Sehgal living in Delhi, who is eagerly waiting to meet you. I have well-defined body with athlete look. And if you are a fan of toned legs, I am the perfect choice. My shape is like a cola bottle, flat stomach, lean body but little wide hips, with a definite curvature in the rear. And it’s not only about how I look, but also how I move and’ play’ to your utmost satisfaction. You can say that I am compact-fit, with every curves of the body in exact proportion. Delhi Escorts Most importantly, I know how to please my man. I know that when it comes to sex, men are far from being simple, but believe me bedroom is the great stage of my performance, when we climb into the bed.

I am among the cutest Delhi Call Girls. You may find my description in Delhi Escorts Services website as I am a frequent visitor to the national capital. I very well understand that for a really good, satisfying and connected relationship, sex is not the only magic word that works wonders. It’s more about getting to know, what my partner wants precisely in the bed. Pre and post-sex cuddling is exciting but I also love throw-me-down sex, It is plain and simple. I am usually a more publically tame and reserve girl, wearing the right amount of make-up and this makes me extra sexy. When you take the cute girl like me behind the closed doors, and bring out my sexy parts, I becomes hotter than the hottest beauty , you have ever seen.  All my qualities make me even more adorable. 


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22nd April 2019



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04th April 2019

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