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Subramanian Swamy: Maverick genius and foremost hindutvavadi

Subramanian Swamy, the politician and crusader against, corruption and anti hindu forces is well known. Both left and right see him differently. He is a nightmare for leftist anti-hindu, anti-india forces but right too has its suspicion against Swamy since he had brought down Vajpayee's government and had also written against RSS. You may like him or dislike him but you cannot doubt his tenacity, conviction and brilliance. He walks the talk and never backs away from a fight. Very few might be aware of his brilliant academic career and how he destroyed Mahalanobis's economic theories at the age of 19.

Swamy talks at length with Anand Ranganathan and Abhijit Iyer- Mitra about his life, works, politics and his ideological fight. He talk of the betrayal of Amartya Sen, his change of ideology for RSS and the arrest of Sankracharya at the behests of Sonia Gandhi. 

Do watch these two interviews for a greater understanding of Indian politics and what should be priority of the RIGHT.

Part 1:

Part 2:

02nd August 2018

Political Right


Is Pranab Babu getting back at the Gandhi Clan for his ill-treatment in the past?

Arguably, Pranab Mukherjee has been shrewdest mind in Indian politics in last 4 decades. His political rise was swift and he is widely regarded as man behind congress successful coalition government terms. He was the tallest leader in congress for a very long time and his ability to work with other parties, put him in a higher pedestal in polarized Indian political landscape. No one doubts his ability to manage political egos and keep the flock together. Also, Pranab babu is very learned man with very deep academic and working knowledge of political science. Except for once when he made his political party, he has stood firm behind the congress party and was largely responsible for smooth ride of UPA.

Even with such incredible credentials and loyalty towards congress, he was not treated equal to his stature in the party. The first snub that he got was in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s death. Pranab babu was expected to be the PM candidate and lead the party but it was Rajiv who gained control of the party. Pranab babu was sidelined in the party, removed from his cabinet post and sent to west Bengal to manage regional politics. This was an insult and humiliation for the tall leader. This was the congress which has surrendered to the Gandhi family and its heirs. Again when UPA came to power and Sonia Gandhi was barred from being PM due to her Italian birth, it was expected that senior most leader and troubleshooter Pranab babu will be the PM but again, he was humiliated by the party and Gandhi loyalists. He was denied the post on merit and Sonia Gandhi chose a puppet PM Manmhohan singh, a junior of Pranab babu, who frankly speaking had no political clout. MMS is well known and respected for his role in 1991 economic reform but he was never known for his political leadership. Gandhi family and their loyalist in congress knew that if Pranab Babu is chosen as PM, he will build his own political clout and may hamper the dynastic political ambition of congress party. Again in UPA 2, to shut out Pranab Da completely from politics he was nominated for President of India, congress thought by making Pranab Da president they will ensure a political retirement for him, post his tenure.

Politics is very strange and a shrewd politician never forgets how he was treated. Even during his presidency, Pranab babu worked as an institution head and made his decision independently, some of which went against congress politics, expediting the hanging of terrorist Afzal Guru was one such decision. This went against the congress’s appeasement politics. It was thought that Pranab babu after leaving the president’s office will assume a retire life but very few expected that he will be involved in changing political scenarios. As reports are coming through of his meetings with non- congress and non-BJP, third front leaders, speculation is rife that he is still harboring political ambitions. Biggest surprise came when he accepted invitation to share RSS stage for their biggest event and lecture RSS cadres. This has embarrassed congress, infuriated Gandhi family and their darbaris no end. An endorsement of RSS from Pranab Babu, tallest congress leader alive will dismantle Gandhi family’s demonization of RSS. Also, this will give RSS and BJP another endorsement from the finest political mind of the country. Whether BJP or third front government comes to power, in both case Pranab Mukherjee’s action will play an important role. In either case he will rejoice for his role in stopping any march of Gandhi family to political ascendance. This could very well will be deepest nail in the coffin of Gandhi family’s political ambition and their shitty arrogance of being the default PM candidate.

In Indian politics, till Pranab babu is alive, he will ensure that he still holds sharpest maneuver in Indian political chessboard.

30th May 2018

Political Right